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My husband was privileged to have Dr.Ramsey Stone perform 2 separate surgeries in 2014 and 2015. Dr. Stone came highly recommended by another physician whose opinion I highly value. My husband’s condition was complicated by the fact that he was a Cancer survivor and had , during his treatment, experienced massive doses of radiation in the same area that his laparoscopic Gallbladder surgery was to be performed. Dr. Stone exercised every precaution and used his professional skills to achieve a very successful outcome. As a former RN I can highly recommend Dr. Stone with absolutely no reservations. My husband, needless to say is also singing Dr. Stone’s praises and considers himself very fortunate to have had his services!

– Mary and Richard L. in Garland, Texas


My surgery experience was so much better than I could have imagined. There were a few reasons for my exceptional experience that I would like to share. First, because my surgery was somewhat of an unplanned event, I had not met Dr. Stone prior to my surgery. In fact, I had been a patient of his colleague. Because the surgeon I had been seeing was out for family reasons, Dr. Stone chose to come to the hospital that day just to perform my surgery. My pain level was increasing quite quickly, so it was a significant blessing that he was willing to operate on me during his day-off. Dr. Stone asked our permission to pray with our family and pastor prior to my surgery, which we welcomed with open arms. My recovery has been much less painful and quicker than I had been told. All in all, I cannot more highly recommend Dr. Stone to you as you consider choosing a skilled, compassionate, and humble surgeon.

– Julie Smith in Allen, Texas


During my initial visit with Dr Stone, he explained the procedure to have my gall bladder removed and answered my questions. The surgery was scheduled within the next few days. On the day of surgery, the nursing staff and Dr Stone were wonderful. I went into the surgery with confidence that I would receive the best care possible. In surgery, it was found that my gall bladder was necrotic and it took a little longer than expected. After the surgery, Dr Stone updated my family and later updated me. I feel that being informed before and after the surgery gave me confidence in the care that I received. Thanks you Dr. Stone and staff!

– Rebecca in Murphy, Texas


I was slightly anxious going into the procedure. I had just gotten bad news a few days before surgery and I wasn’t confident about going to surgery anymore. When Dr. Stone walked in the smile on his face make me relax and then he did what I had never seen. Mind you I worked in health care 25 years and have been a patient and family member several times. He asked if he could pray with me. Of course I said yes when he finished I was totally confident and relaxed. The procedure went without incident thanks to his anointed spirit.
I hope to never need surgery again but if I do he will be the only surgeon for me or my family members. I am so grateful that I met him. His staff was polite and friendly and I would recommend this blessed man to anyone looking for a surgeon he is the best.

– Mary in Carrollton, Texas


I went to the emergency room with extreme abdominal pain on January 5, 2015. A cat scan showed I had a thickened sigmoid colon next to the abscess with pocket of air. They contacted Dr. Ramsey Stone for emergency surgery. I was informed he was the best surgeon and not to worry. He sat with me to discuss my surgery and he also drew me a picture. He said I had a perforated diverticulitis and needed to perform surgery right away because if I would have waited one more day I would have deceased. He also informed me due to the imflamation I could end up with a temporary colostomy which could be reversed at some point down the road. Just before surgery he said a prayer with my husband and I. He ended up removing 12 inches of my colon and I received the colostomy. I feel Dr. Ramsey Stone saved my life! He went beyond the call of duty and made sure nothing else was wrong. I was in the hospital 7 days and he came everyday to see how I was doing and stayed until he answered all my questions. He had the best bedside manners, he made me feel I was his only patient and he also was very caring about my recovery. His office visits were the same way as how he treated me in the hospital. He is like the old fashion doctor in today’s time, which I haven’t found another doctor like him. Thank goodness I had the colostomy reversal three months later because he found an abscess and a hernia. So needless to say I didn’t get to have the laparoscopic surgery that I wanted and he had to us use the previous incision to operate. I had to stay in the hospital another 7 days and again he came everyday and treated me the same way as before. I feel I am alive today because Dr. Stone took the time to make sure everything looked good with both surgeries! I wish more doctors were like Dr. Stone and not treat you like a number and only want to spend 2 minutes with you. I would highly recommend Dr. Stone to anyone who wanted to be treated like an old fashion caring doctor!

– Debbie in Plano, Texas


I appreciated the professionalism and efficiency of Dr. Stone and his staff. They were helpful and informative with every aspect my medical treatment. My procedure went excellent and recovery is well on the way.

– Michael in Sachse, Texas


My wife went to the emergency room by ambulance in terrible pain. As it happened, Dr. Stone was assigned somehow as her surgeon. We consider ourselves lucky. Dr. Stone proved himself very able both in diagnosis and in treatment of my wife’s rare gall bladder condition. Our experience with Dr. Stone was extensive. He proved to us he is competent, confident, and worthy of our trust. I would highly recommend him. If one finds oneself in the frightful situation we found ourselves in, one can rest assured Dr. Stone will provide you the care you need–with kindness, thoughtfulness, and concern for your comfort and well-being.

– Malik Rezeski in Richardson, Texas


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Stone. Having my gallbladder out was my first surgery and I was very nervous about the procedure. Dr. Stone took the time to answer all of my questions and make me feel very comfortable. He was also great at accommodating my special circumstances as I was nursing my very young baby at the time. His staff was friendly and polite. If I should ever need a general surgeon again, I would happily return to his office.

– Jessica R. in Rockwall, Texas


Dr. Stone listened and answered all my questions before the surgery. The day of surgery, he and all of his assistants were so professional and courteous, even praying with me before the procedure. After the surgery was complete, he immediately talked with my family about what he did. And at my post-surgery follow-up appointment, he checked all the incisions, answered my questions and was very patient. Special kudos to Charlotte (nurse) who filled out two sets of paperwork for my job. She is so cheery and funny and very helpful. Sonia helped with all the pre-op insurance paperwork and Robin greeted me with a smile whether by phone or in person. Great staff. Great job. Great doctor.

– Marcia in Dallas, Texas


You were a blessing during the most difficult time of my husband’s life. Who knew he had cancer, we didn’t. However when our lives were turned upside down in a matter of 24 hours, you were there to be an expert and a comfort. You guided us with confidence thru a process of the unknown and came out on the other side with us. The key to this is that you were there with us every step of the way. You answered every question, comforted every concern and had an unbelievable bedside manner that we will never forget. That coupled with your confidence was truly a blessing. Charlotte in your office was another blessing. She was able to guide us thru the chaos of paperwork that came with this process. She was an expert, sweet and overall just a comfort thru this process that was new to us. Thank you so much for all that you did and thank you to Charlotte for all that she did. You were part of saving my husband’s life and we are beyond thankful.

– Loretta in Texas


Thank you Dr. Stone for your excellent skills as a surgeon. Although my two surgeries were on a minor scale, you did an excellent job and there is barely a visible scar. Your office staff is also very efficient and my wait time was minimal.

– Elizabeth W. in Richardson, Texas


Thank you for care during my recent surgery. Both your pre-op and post-op care were outstanding. Thank you for always making sure I understood what was going on and your willingness to always answer and fully explain any questions I had. You and your staff were always prompt for service and appointments and that seems to be rare in your field today. I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family members who may need your services.

– Steven in Wylie, Texas


Dr. Stone was amazing. He prayed over us before surgery started, which was amazing to me. Most surgeons don’t do that. At that moment, I knew I was in good hands and the Lord had picked the right doctor for me. Thank you!

– Sharon in Garland, Texas


I first met Dr. Stone in November, 2014. I had thyroid cancer, although at the time all we knew was my thyroid gland was very enlarged. When Dr. Stone entered the exam room I knew immediately I had made the correct decision picking a surgeon. Dr. Stone explained exactly what he would be doing in “people” language. His demeanor was professional but more than that he was human. He understood mine and my families fears and was able to calm me down and reassure them that surgically there was no need to worry. Because the thyroid gland is very near the vocal chords and some very important muscles he walked me over to an ENT’s office for a procedure that showed him exactly where my muscles and vocal chords were in relation to my thyroid gland. Can you believe it, he took me to the ENT. The surgery was a success and although it was cancer he found me the best radiation oncologist . It has been almost a year now since the surgery and unless you get right up to me and ask me to tilt my head back there is no visible scar!! My other physicians always comment on what a great job he did on closing the incision. Last week he performed gall bladder removal surgery on my husband and again he did a great job with no problems. Anytime any one needs surgery I always recommend Dr. Stone and he has never disappointed me. Thank you Dr. Stone for being such a great surgeon and person.

– Trish Clary in Plano, Texas


I agree that surgery can be scary and trying but Dr. Stone made me feel very comfortable and reassure that everything would be fine after having a minor set back. He puts his patients care first and I definitely would recommend him to anyone and explain what happened in my situation.

– Christina B. in Dallas, Texas


The surgery went smoothly and Dr. Stone and the team at Richardson Methodist made me feel at ease and comfortable. They were very informative every step of the way. I would highly recommend Dr. Stone. Super nice guy and great staff! Thanks so much!

– SD in Wylie, Texas


Having Dr. Stone as my surgeon was a great blessing. I had a routine Gallbladder removal surgery scheduled that turned out to be more difficult due to excessive inflammation. Dr. Stone was very persistent during my surgery to continue with the laparoscopic procedure so that my recovery would be less invasive. The surgery took 3x as long, but his intention was to do what would be better for me when other surgeons would have gone back to traditional ways with longer recovery time. Dr. Stone’s compassion truly showed with every interaction we had. I was also very impressed with how early Dr. Stone would come in to check on me in the mornings while I was hospitalized. In past experiences with my family’s surgeons I noticed they would end up waiting until late afternoon for their follow ups. Without reservations, I can say that I put all of my trust in Dr. Stone and would choose him ag ain if ever I or anyone in my family need a surgeon.

– Tulsi A. in Coppell, Texas


Dr. Ramsey very professionally corrected my inguinal hernia. This was my first surgery, IV, and medical incident, so naturally I had done my research ahead of time. Two additional doctors concurred with Dr. Ramsey’s assessment and treatment plan. I am very happy with the outcome from my surgery. The staff and facilities at Richardson Methodist Hospital are world class. I will be able to resume my competitive tennis hobby with the peace of mind that I took care of my hernia before it got bad.

– Tim Janssen in Richardson, Texas


From the beginning, Dr. Stone demonstrated professionalism and confidence, besides all of this, his words of comfort made my soul so soothing. I instantly knew i was in great hands. What struck me the most of his persona was the faith he has in god. Before the procedure, Dr. Stone made such a wonderful prayer. I remember him saying “Father let my hands do the procedure not because of my knowledge but because of your presence and guidance” I was relieved to hear such wonderful words. Having my gallbladder removed has been such a wonderful and painless experience. Thank you Dr. Stones! May god bless you always! My family and i are very pleased with your work!

– Jorge S. in Plano, Texas


I required emergency surgery for a burst appendix with a large abscess. I was in severe pain and anxious. Dr. Stone was brought in to perform the surgery. He had a kind and calming manner, spoke to me about what he was going to do, and patiently answered all questions. This same care continued throughout my 8-day hospital stay and follow-up office visit. If I ever need surgery again, I’ll turn to Dr. Stone.

– CM in Plano, Texas


Dr Stone, took the time to explain everything that was going to happen and made me feel very comfortable… after the surgery he explained everything very thoroughly and made sure I understood it. My family also thought he was very knowledgeable and explained everything to them in the waiting room

– John Weidenfeller in Richardson, Texas


Best doctor/medical experience I’ve ever had in 68 years. Dr. Stone explained my condition very clearly, provided all of the needed information regarding risks and alternatives, and explained the corrective surgical procedures. While I was a bit undecided about what to do before meeting Dr. Stone, it became very clear to me that I had come to the right place. The surgery went smoothly and just as Dr. Stone had explained. The entire surgical team was remarkably confident, cheerful and warm-hearted, and treated me like I was a member of their family. My post-op recovery went amazingly well, just as the doctor has explained and predicted. I simply cannot imagine a better experience or outcome. Dr. Stone exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to give him my highest recommendation and regard.

– Robert G. in McKinney, Texas


Dr. Ramsey Stone operated on me about a month ago, on Feb. 12, 2016. One operation, two hernias repairs, and only 2 small incisions. Today, these 2 incisions can barely be seen. That is what you call “minimally invasive surgery”. Although, this is a very important outcome for a lot of people, but Dr. Stone has a lot more than just expertise and knowledge. I don’t think you will ever find a doctor as compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, friendly and talented as Dr. Stone.

I can go on and on praising Dr. Stone but I would rather sum it up here by saying “if you need a general surgery, just call Dr. Stone first. Without any hesitation”. I trust him with my life.

– Said G. in Richardson, Texas


Dr. Stone performed gallbladder surgery on me Feburary 1, 2016. Not only is Dr. Stone a very skilled surgeon, he is a very compassionate person. He made me feel at ease during a very anxious time. He explained the procedure and recovery period in a manner that eased a lot of the normal fear and anxiety you have when facing surgery. Looking back at my early recovery, it was actually much better than I anticipated. No wound issues and no major pain issues. His staff – from the receptionist to nurses to the scheduler are also very skilled and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Stone and his staff.

– Ron P. in Rowlett, Texas


This is by far the best experience I have had within the healthcare community. From the first phone call, to the follow up visit after surgery, everyone involved was very polite and knowledgeable. Dr Stone made me feel so comfortable and important. He talked me through every aspect of the procedure and did not hesitate to answer any questions. I would recommend Dr Stone and his staff to anyone.

– Wanda K. in Plano, Texas


I can tell you that my experience with Dr Stone and his staff from the beginning of the process was first rate and by far the best experience that I have had with a facility and doctor. Thank you Dr Stone for giving me a normal life back and for the way I was treated!!!

– Gene Tignor in Garland , Texas


My personal experience presented itself very suddenly in the middle of the night. Fortunately, my primary care doctor immediately contacted Dr. Stone and he was able to perform surgery that same morning. Since time was of the essence and even though we had never met before, Dr. Stone walked me through the process, answered our questions, initiated much appreciated prayer in the pre-op and then promptly went to work. From my point of view, it could not have been handled any better and I am truly grateful for Dr. Stone’s care and compassion … truly professional in all respects.

– Bill Walker in Mesquite, Texas


Dr. Ramsey Stone did an excellent job for me. He is a skilled and talented surgeon. And what I appreciated most was that he took the time to listen to me and understand my needs and concerns. I’d highly recommend Dr. Stone to anyone.

– Aaron G. in Flower Mound, Texas


I had my gall bladder removed by Dr. Ramsey and all I can say is he’s a great doctor. He is very knowledgeable explaining the procedure in terms I could understand and very caring. The day of the surgery he was very reassuring and calm. It helped put me at easy. If you’re looking for a surgeon, this is the one! I highly recommend him

– Marta M. in Dallas, Texas


My overall experience in the hospital and follow up visit with Dr. Stone was very positive. I would highly recommend him

– Frances S. in Garland, Texas


Dr. Stone is amazing! I knew he was great just by reading his reviews, but meeting him at my consultation proved how awesome he is. He is very patient when it comes to answering questions and he strives to make sure his patients are informed and feel comfortable. Any apprehension I felt was lifted when he prayed for me before my robotic single site gallbladder removal and it made me feel so thankful to have such a genuine, caring person taking care of me. My recovery has been great and I have no complaints! He is an amazing surgeon and an even better individual with a heart of gold!

– Chelsea M. in Plano, Texas


I am a 72 year old women who had to have my gallbladder removed. I found Dr Stone via my pulmonary doctor. He is the BEST surgeon I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I cannot saw enough good things about Dr Stone and his entire office and hospital staff. Once again thank you for a job well done.

– Barbara B. in Dallas, Texas


A very outstanding doctor. I have had two hernia surgeries with him and he was upfront and honesty about what to expect. Both surgeries went perfect! My wife has 38 years in the medical field (Recovery Room) and she has seen lots of surgeons. She says is one of the best! Thank you Dr. Stone!

– John H. in Plano, Texas


Dr. Stone is an amazing surgeon whom I can recommend HIGHLY. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and professional but also personable and very easy to talk to. In fact, his entire staff was truly wonderful, and in the event that I have similar needs in the future, Dr. Stone will definitely be the man!!

– Jim McLean in Richardson, Texas


My experience with Dr. Stone has been a great one and I could not have been in better hands to take care of the operation. Dr. Stone was upfront and communicated effectively about the all aspects of the procedure and he answered all of my questions. The staff at the office were very friendly and professional as well as to the staff at the Hospital. Dr. Stone followed up closely to ensure that everything was going well while being at the Hospital. After 6 days of hospitalization, they sent me home to continue my recovery. The post operation treatment has gone well and I am on my way to a full recovery. I sincerely appreciate all of the staff and Dr. Stone for doing a superb Job.

– Luis OBando in Wylie, Texas


15 days ago, Dr. Ramsey Stone performed surgery on me to repair both an inguinal hernia and an umbilical hernia. When I first realized I had a hernia and would need surgery I thought I would need to be cut open like a fish to repair it. Amazingly, using laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Stone was able to repair what I considered to be extensive damage through an incision that was barely large enough to put a dime through. As a result, my hernias are fixed and I am having the easiest recovery I have ever had from any surgery. I have had absolutely no complications of any kind and barely even needed any pain medication. I only took 1 dose of pain medication in the evening of the first 3 days after surgery. After that I no longer needed any medication for pain. Dr. Stone, along with his wonderful office staff and the amazing people at the surgical center, all contributed to make surgery as pleasant an experience as surgery can possibly be. Dr. Stone will be my surgeon of choice if I ever need surgery again.

– Denis Faulborn in Plano, Texas