Cash Prices

There are multiple circumstances for not having insurance. Regardless of the reason, we are here to help! Below is a list for approximate cash prices for surgery. We have tried to make surgery as affordable as possible and present the following as the most common surgeries we perform (other surgeries are available as well). All are approximate price ranges and tend to change slightly every couple of months (and they have gotten mad at me for posting specific prices!)

— umbilical hernia (open): $3500 – $4000
— inguinal hernia (open): $3800 – $4500
— inguinal hernia (laparoscopic): $4500 – $6500 (avg Dallas price: $10,043)
— gallbladder surgery*: $5000 – $6000 (avg Dallas price: $17,362)

Please contact Sonya in our office for complete details: 972-644-2797





— Please note, these are approximate prices, and may not be current price. Also, surgery is a field that occasionally has unexpected consequences and thus potentially unexpected costs. These prices do not include additional charges that could be encountered with increased care, complications, or need for additional procedures.
— Prices do not include initial office consultation
— For hernia surgery, mesh usage  may affect cost
— Average Dallas prices from guroo.com
* may include small fee for pathology